Ohhh, great finish! Ha! Way to give Kevin the last word!

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Deep down, Sami KNOWS that Kevin is right. That he's acting like a jester for Roman's amusement. That Roman is simply using him, just like he uses everyone around him. He's internalized his joke status so deeply that he thinks his only way to be great is to be the hand-servant of someone who is great.

Kevin reminded him that he's already great. That he wouldn't be Kevin's greatest enemy if Kevin didn't think he was great. Sami told him that it would never be over between them, and Kevin is reminding him of this.

Kevin has become this fascinating hybrid of the babyface he was for a while before turning heel again, and his take-no-prisoners Prizefighter persona. He sees Roman for who he truly is: a worthy opponent, but one who lacks honor because he's not willing to get the job done by himself. He is surrounded by lackeys and yes-men who bail him out when things get tough. That mindset not only bound his cousins to him, it infected them as well to cut corners and cheat.

Kevin doesn't want Sami to snap out of it to help him, though he would welcome that help. He wants Sami to snap out of it because it tarnishes what they have together if he doesn't.

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Awesome! Loved it. I was in attendance for El Generico's matches in ROH whenever ROH came over to NYC. Good times.

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