Six star work as always. I also want to note, just because while I've seen people talk about it in bits and pieces but it's never enough for my taste, that I'm 99.993% positive the reason Sami's been doing hoodies since the Rumble is because they want to save the make-grown-men-burst-into-tears-pop for when they fire up Worlds Apart Saturday night and a slightly shaven Sami parts the curtain and like, COME


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Goddammit, JJ, you made me cry again!

Roman will likely win. Sami is right--he knows the Bloodline machine doesn't allow the Tribal Chief to lose.

But Roman cannot, will not break Sami. Sami will hear his home cheering for him, and he will not only hear them, he will listen.

There's another scenario I've considered, though.

What if Sami wins? What if they really pull the trigger and make the crowd happy? They could do it. They could even piece together an ending where Jey stops Jimmy and Solo from interfering. And then, in an incredibly satisfying moment, KO shows up and stuns Heyman into oblivion.

Now, this is different than saying Sami is the new face of the company or that he headlines Wrestlemania. This just isn't going to happen.


What if, on Monday night, a desperate but still powerful Roman tells both Jimmy and Jey that they're out of the Bloodline. They are no longer relevant. They will be defending their tag titles, if he allows them, at house shows or on Main Event. Their families are cut off. He loved them, and he warned them that if they didn't acknowledge him, they'd be cut off. When Jimmy protests, Roman cuts him off and says it was his duty to turn his brother around, and he failed.


Roman has demanded a rematch on RAW, that very night, and he's used his pull to get every stipulation he wants. KO banned from ringside or it's a DQ. He says if they acknowledge him again and help him win back the title and then punish Sami, he will take them back. After all, he loves them.

It's a hell of a match. The ref goes down. Sami gets low-blowed and Roman feeds him to his cousins. CODY arrives to even the odds and takes out Solo and is fighting Jimmy. It's just Jey and Sami, and a weeping Jey hits Sami with the belt. Roman wins the title. They start beating down Sami. KO shows up to save Sami, and they manage to clear the ring. That's when Sami and KO officially reunite and declare wanting the belts at Mania.

I doubt that will happen, but I'd so love to see that moment where Sami truly comes home again, comfortable in his own skin at last.

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