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You are a genius artist and storyteller yourself. This was so enjoyable and somehow educational, bravo.

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You know, I hate Jackass and similar prank-style mayhem shows. Just not my bag. So when I also quickly realized Sami was heading down this road, I too groaned.

I should have known better, really

There are very few wrestlers who could have pulled off this live action Tom and Jerry cartoon with any greater skill, and more importantly full-throated gusto, than our pal Sami. He understands the logic of Sideshow Bob stepping on a rake 20 straight times. The first time, it's funny. Then it's repetitive. Then eventually, it comes back round to funny, and then finally to sublime.

It's a lot of responsibility, guiding a group of non-wrestlers, putting in the Andre/Hogan gag that not everyone will get, and doing it all in a way that was somehow absolutely flawless. In a match filled with potential mishaps (like any prop-based-comedy will have), they pulled off every bit.

And it got me to thinking: with Sami and Kevin, how often do those guys actually ever botch? Like, really and truly? It's a testament to their intense preparation, of course, but it's also almost like a kind of physical intelligence, a kinetic awareness of their surroundings that gives them a slight edge.

Anyway, thanks as always, JJ. Hope you're enjoying the G1!

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I haven´t seen the match with Sami and Johny Knoxville. I had almost gave up with wrestling for a while: nothing *good" has happened with Sami and Kevin in a while, or i was tired of hoping, anyway. Sami was stripped of the belt. Wwe wasn´t really fun for me anymore. Work had been awful during pandemic, i was exhausted too. And i had my litle one which was the most wonderful thing ever, but of course, she stole almost all my time. So i was just glancing wwe. When i knew about the match, i totally got angry, and felt somehow vindicated i was right about giving up. I read some of the reviews after WM: most of them good, a couple not as good. But i couldnt. I started seeing wwe regularly summer 2022 again. And i guess i pretended that hasn´t happened. But let me tell you: i´ll see later tonight. Im sure its a good one. Thank you.

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If the match was even half as fun to watch as this was to read, that'd be saying something!

Chekhov’s Mousetrap-Covered Table {snort}. Hey, wasn't there a Chekhov's port-a-potty at one point??? I can see how wrestling would be loaded with these. So funny!

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As a fan of both stage magic and pro-wrestling, this was an amazing write up. I see many of the similarities, but you’ve put words, gifs, and a fantastically told story worthy of it’s subject matter together here in an amazing way I have never been able to. Seriously, major kudos.

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