I really don´t know how i couldn´t have this place before, when i came back (once again) to wrestling seeing the story what maybe was going to bring together Sami and Kevin, and i´ve been obsessively looking for sites or places where i could find stories, pics, anything about them (once again). But i had missed it. But now, i´ve got too many to read, written in a brilliant way, and i wanted to say thank you for that. Its good to see im not alone with this pair, understanding wrestling this way, thinking about their moments and stories this way, but of course, not being able to put it in such good way.

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Re: "The first time we see it used that way, in 2016"

Gotta partially agree doc. That was the first time with Kevin Owens in WWE. But for Sami Zayn, at R-Evolution, he had the chance to use the title belt to sneak Adrian Neville a cheapshot like the incumbent champion had a tendency of when the ref was not looking. Sami chose not to take the easy way out, (https://youtu.be/9U_R29pb3Xk?t=39), wipe the sweat and self-doubt off his face and hope that his Helluva Kick would bring him a win finally. That also was a look that sought closure - of his relentless championship pursuit - and evidence that babyface Sami knows how to imbue his finisher deliveries with defining choices as a theme. The Helluva Kick is all about choices made - the good and the bad.

It's almost like Sami saw Shawn Michaels kicking Ric Flair at Wrestlemania and thought to himself "I'm gonna top that".

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